KNF are K&F, consumers and producers of music. One is based in Paris, France, the other near Brussels, Belgium. They usually meet at the Belgian Riviera.

K&F share a past in the Belgian rock scene. K played the drums, and F played the violin and the guitar. After their band imploded, as many do and should, they started making mostly electronic music. The project temporarily moved to the back burner because of intercontinental relocations and managerial ambitions.

But they are back - this is The KNF Resurrection. KNF tracks merge brooding low-fi sketches with high-end electro-pop execution, retaining the best and discarding the rest.

The KNF production formula is one of remote collaboration. K sets the mood, selects some loops to start from and pops in some lyrics. F distills and builds the music. After some iterations, a new KNF track is born. Or it is aborted, trampled upon and fed to the dogs if the kebab shop around the corner is closed..

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